Arkansas App Development by Shackelford Mobile Development

Arkansas Mobile Development, Arkansas App Development
Shackelford Mobile Development is focused on creating iPhone, Android, and Web applications that engage users and produce results. Shackelford Mobile Development is one of only a handful of companies in Arkansas that make mobile apps. Our focus is on quality, user experience and affordability of production. The ShackDev team can produce San Francisco quality work without the sticker shock.

Applications we have developed so far include teleprompter video social network applications to simple dating apps across iOS and Android platforms, including specialized iPad apps.

Our process:
We work with you from idea to launch. First we discuss the goals of the project, then walk through wire frame and design composition. Once approved, we move into the programming phase and breath life into our framework. We work with the client on tweaks and finishing touches and then launch into the app stores.

Project timelines range from several weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the architecture.

App prices range and may be more or less, but typically we see prices between $50k for very complex applications with high level functionality, to $2500 for a simple but stunning application. Costs per platform are reflective. A $2500 Android app would also cost $2500 for iOS. Contact Jody Shackelford for a free quote on your project.



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